These Deluxe Spotty Ruffle reusable gift bags will look great under your Christmas tree and are so easy to use, time and time again.


It’s time to wrap those goodies up for Christmas with these reusable gift bags!

These Deluxe Spotty Ruffle Bags make wrapping presents easy and look wonderfully whimsical.

A double satin green ribbon finishes a 100% cotton drawstring bag. With one layer of cotton and one layer of unbleached calico, these bags make it hard to guess that mystery present.

A great alternative to wrapping paper and so easy to use!

No tricky folding around odd shaped items.

More eco friendly and can be used again and again for years to come.

The small bags are big enough to hold a regular sized fiction book (See photo).

These 100% cotton fabric reusable bags are sold in sets or individually

Measurements (internal gift space):

Small 26cm x 27cm

Medium 26cm x 34cm

Large 34cm x 40cm

Please allow 10 days for items to be made and delivered. Post disruptions may affect this time frame.

Bag Size

1x Small, 1x Medium, 1xLarge, Set of 3 (S,M,L)


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