About Hire

Clean up

You will be supplied with ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ boxes which the party box items will be in. Once used, decorations go in the dry boxes and any items that will need to be cleaned go in the wet boxes. I just ask that you scrape off (handy scraper provided) any food and rinse all dishes before putting them in the boxes.

Each box has a list of included items and which boxes they go in. Aunt Vera offering to help tidy up? Hand her a list from one of the boxes. Items have been chosen for their ease of use and pack up.

Pick up

Pick up and drop off are by negotiation. I will give you the Ocean Downs address in your confirmation email. Hire is from Friday until Sunday night for weekend hire. Drop off is by negotiation for Sunday or Monday. Should you return items later than 8:15pm the Monday after the event, you will need to pay the $50 late fee per day.


The drop off and pick up times are by negotiation. Generally, drop off will be on Friday and/or pick up Sunday. Delivery/pick up must be to/from a person. They should not be left unattended for the security of both the person hiring and The Party Godmother. Any items not returned must be paid for. Should the allocated person to receive or dispense the party kit not be available at the agreed time, an additional delivery service fee will need to be paid.


Should your event be cancelled, please let me know ASAP. There is a $50 charge if your event is cancelled within 7 days before the agreed party hire pick up date. Otherwise a full refund will be given.

Damage/loss of items

The hirer pays for any damage or loss of items during the hire period, including items left at a venue or outside our premises without an appointment. Some items can only be purchased as part of a set so replacement may include payment for the set rather than the individual item. Items must be in a commercially reusable condition when returned.


The Party Godmother takes no responsibility for any injury to any person through breakage of items or other accidents during the hire period. All hire items remain the property of The Party Godmother. By hiring from us you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions

Custom themed party boxes

All requested items must be reusable and easy to construct/deconstruct. The hired items are the property of The Party Godmother, not the hirer and must be returned.

Changing what’s in the box

The aim of The Party Godmother is to make party planning easy so we have tried to pick the most popular party items. If there are one or two items you would like to switch for something else, feel free to ask and I will consider it.

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